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Wedding Coordination Services

Providing Everything You Need

Wedding Hall

Full Wedding Planning:
Leave It to Us

Do you have an idea for a wedding? If you said yes, that's fantastic!

If you answered no, THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM!

From start to finish, we at Intimate Weddings Ja take care of every aspect. We will create the most unforgettable experience imaginable.

In the Run-Up to the Wedding

1. Unlimited email and SMS communication.

2. Creating and designing a unique wedding theme.

3. Budget administration.

4. Making a wedding checklist available.

5. We prefer supplier/vendor bookings.

6. Reviewing all vendor contracts prior to signing.

7. Managing vendor payments.

8. Plan the overall layout of the ceremony and celebration.

9. Organizing rehearsals.

10. Finalizing, carrying out, and coordinating all plans.

During the Ceremony:

1. Organizing the formation for the procession march.

2. Ensuring that flowers and other things for the entourage are distributed on time.

3. Assisting in processional and recessional marches.

4. After-ceremony storage of all wedding equipment.

5. Managing the ceremony's program flow.

6. Inspecting and aiding with flower arrangements at the venue.

7. Placement of matrimonial candles, seats of entourage, parents, and musician.

8. Ensuring that the selected tunes for the musicians' performances are presented at the occasion.

8. Ensure on-time arrival.

During the Reception:

1. Coordination of venue setup, tables and chairs, band/musician (area and sound system required), place cards/menu cards/reception program cards, flower arrangements on tables and on the venue, stage, and gift table.

2. Ensuring that the venue arrangement is adhered to as planned.

3. Seating configuration

4. Flow of the Reception Program

5. The arrival and ushering of musicians, entertainers, emcees, and other performers.

6. Ensure that the setup is complete and ready.

7. Photographers' and videographers' service information is correct.

8. Vendors for performance of agreed-upon service(s).

9. Forming the wedding entourage for the entry march at the ceremony and reception area.

10. Oversee the actions of the supplier.

Partial Wedding Planning: Tailored to Your Dreams

For couples who have already begun preparing and require assistance along the road. This service gives couples a hands-on participation in their preparation while also providing professional guidance.

The half wedding planning bundle includes:

1. First meeting with the bride and groom.

2. Unrestricted phone (ideally scheduled) and email access.

3. At least two planning meetings.

4. Establishing timetables and checklists.

5. One visit to the wedding and reception sites to go over setup.

6. Assist with wedding color scheme, theme, and style selection.

7. Assist in locating preferred vendors.

8. One final wedding planning meeting a month before the big day.

9. 4 hours of event management time on the day.

Wedding Table Set
The Wedding Aisle

Day of Coordination:
We'll Work Together

Our key role for the day is to guarantee that everything goes as planned by the bride and husband. This option is for individuals who simply need someone to ensure that the wedding event runs smoothly and on schedule.

This bundle includes the following items:

1. The day before the event, meet with the bride and groom to go over main details.

2. Upon arrival, greet vendors.

3. Assist with the processional and recessional for the wedding party.

4. Ensure that all vendors carry out their responsibilities.

5. Handle all tasks at the venue in accordance with the contract.

6. As needed, provide assistant coordinator(s).

7. Manage the event day from start to end.

8. Provide limited help to staff/vendor.

9. On the day of the wedding, communicate with other vendors on your behalf.

Please keep the following in mind:

Before the event, all vendors must be hired, confirmed, and completely paid.

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